About Us


Prescient is an independent wealth management boutique with more than a decade of experience in creating wealth for individuals and managing treasury for corporates.
Prescient enjoys the trust of HNIs, professionals, senior executives as well as corporates and trusts.

Prescient's founder and chief executive, Sangeeta Jhaveri, is a Chartered Accountant and Certified Financial Planner with two decades of experience in the financial services industry. Prescient's team comprises of Chartered Accountants and experienced AMFI and IRDA certified associates with its research headed by a Chartered Accountant cum MBA from llM(A).

Expertise and integrity are the pillars on which Prescient stands.

At Prescient, we continuously analyze and evaluate the risk, return and liquidity profiles of an array of investment options. We cover equity, debt, gold, crude, other commodities, currencies and international markets. Our investments are through mutual funds, ETF’s, direct equity, debt in the primary and secondary markets and through insurance solutions.

We take pride in our unique Prescient lnvestment Philosophy which is outlined alongside.

We have set uncompromising ethical standards for ourselves. To us the principle of 'what is right for the client' is inviolable. To this end we value our independence from any financial institution which could compromise our objectivity.

We recognize that the needs of various clients differ and, therefore, lay a strong emphasis on personal attention and customization of portfolios.

We emphasize transparency of dealings. We never exaggerate the prospects of an investment nor understate its risks.

We stress on constant feedback. To keep the clients updated we send periodic reports about the status of their portfolios as well as discuss with them any modifications which we see as desirable.

To us managing your money is our solemn duty.

Your prosperity is our responsibility.


We Believe in Removing Stress from investments: At Prescient, our objective is stress free wealth creation. Our investment philosophy ensures that you never lose sleep over your investments.


We are Risk Averse: We believe wealth can be created by avoiding undue risk. Conservatism is the cornerstone of our investment philosophy. Conservatism and consistency are the key to long term wealth creation.

We like Objectivity: Emotion distorts objectivity leading to decisions that are not adequately thought through. Feeling depressed in a down market might lead one to sell when one should be buying and vice versa. Reason and not emotion is the basis of all our decisions.


We Emphasize Liquidity: Ability to exit an investment is an important criterion in selecting it. Investments must have sufficient liquidity to enable exit at will.


We are Neither Short Term Nor Long Term by inclination: The time horizon for an investment is not predecided by us. It will not be long term simply because you do not require funds in the interim. Nor will there be a hasty exit for fear of losing immediate gains. We hold till we believe the asset has more potential and exit when we believe otherwise, irrespective of the time frame and the market conditions.


We Believe in Trend Based investing: At Prescient, we track the short term, medium term and long term trends in various asset classes. We prefer to invest when strength is emerging in an asset and exit when the trend is turning down, again, irrespective of the time frame.


Our Asset Allocation is Dynamic Not Static: The risk-return profile of any asset/asset category moves along the spectrum of low risk high returns to moderate risk moderate returns to high risk low returns and vice versa. At Prescient we continuously assess and reassess the profile of each asset category and modify its weightage in the portfolio.


We Emphasize Tax Efficiency: Portfolios should be constructed to minimize tax liability. At the same time, we believe that delaying exit to avoid paying taxes to the government may involve paying a de-facto tax to the market in the form of lower asset prices at a later date. Thus one must carefully weigh the tax to the government vis-a-vis the tax to the market before one delays exit.


We Believe in offering a Wide Choice: At Prescient, we track and offer various assets and asset classes including equity, debt, gold, crude, other commodities, currencies and international equity markets especially the U.S., European and other Asian equity markets. In terms of instruments we offer mutual funds, ETF's, direct equity, specific debt products as well as solutions in insurance.


We aim to translate your vision into reality.

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